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_PanObject Struct Reference

#include <pan-object.h>

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Detailed Description

PanObject is essentially a GtkObject with most of the functionality stripped out so that we are left with the bare minimum needed for a class hierarchy in C. We have inheritance and virtual functions; however, we do not have RTTI or static class functions.

GtkObject is superior to PanObject in almost every way, except for thread safety. We originally used GtkObject, only to find that it has too many points of failure for use in a multithreaded application. PanObject, lacking most of GtkObject's functionality, also lacks its points of failure. A secondary advantage of PanObject is its low overhead.

PanObjects use PanCallbacks, rather than Gtk signals, for the observer/ observable pattern. This also is for relative thread safety.

2000/07/14: The glib object system currently in development looks good. perhaps when glib 2.0 comes out PanObject can be replaced with this.

Definition at line 49 of file pan-object.h.

Public Attributes

PanObjectDestructor destructor
gint16 ref_count
gpointer user_data

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