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_Group Struct Reference

#include <group.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

For the time being, groups are 'owned' by their server. When we go group-centric, this will change.

Having Group a handle to its server lets us pass around groups w/o a server argument for context, which should make refitting for groupcentric easier...

Definition at line 88 of file group.h.

Public Attributes

MemChunk * _article_chunk
GHashTable * _articles
int _articles_refcount
GPtrArray * _deleted_articles
struct _Newsrc * _newsrc
struct _Newsrc * _purged
gulong article_high
gulong article_high_old
gulong article_low
GMutex * article_mutex
gint32 article_qty
gint32 article_read_qty
guint articles_dirty: 1
char * default_charset
char * description
char * download_dir
guint32 filter_bits
char * filter_name
gulong filter_show
gint8 flags
char * identity_name
guint loaded_since_last_fetch: 1
PString name
gint8 new_sort_style
gint8 old_sort_style
char permission
Server * server

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