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_Group Member List

This is the complete list of members for _Group, including all inherited members.

_article_chunk (defined in _Group)_Group
_articles (defined in _Group)_Group
_articles_refcount (defined in _Group)_Group
_deleted_articles (defined in _Group)_Group
_newsrc (defined in _Group)_Group
_purged (defined in _Group)_Group
article_high (defined in _Group)_Group
article_high_old (defined in _Group)_Group
article_low (defined in _Group)_Group
article_mutex (defined in _Group)_Group
article_qty (defined in _Group)_Group
article_read_qty (defined in _Group)_Group
articles_dirty (defined in _Group)_Group
default_charset (defined in _Group)_Group
description (defined in _Group)_Group
download_dir (defined in _Group)_Group
filter_bits (defined in _Group)_Group
filter_name (defined in _Group)_Group
filter_show (defined in _Group)_Group
flags (defined in _Group)_Group
identity_name (defined in _Group)_Group
loaded_since_last_fetch (defined in _Group)_Group
name (defined in _Group)_Group
new_sort_style (defined in _Group)_Group
old_sort_style (defined in _Group)_Group
permission (defined in _Group)_Group
server (defined in _Group)_Group

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