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pan::Data::ArticleTree::Diffs Struct Reference
[Backend Interfaces]

#include <data.h>

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Detailed Description

When new articles come in from a server, or old articles are aged off, or when the user deletes articles, these changes are reflected in the Tree.

In the case of new articles, the Tree's existing filter is applied to them and new articles that survive the filter are threaded into the tree.

In the case of deleted articles, their children are reparented to the youngest surviving ancestor and then the Article objects are deleted.

A Diffs object summarizes these changes to make it easier for clients to synchronize their Views to the changes.

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Definition at line 371 of file data.h.

Public Types

typedef std::map< Quark, Addedadded_t
typedef std::map< Quark, Reparentreparented_t

Public Attributes

added_t added
quarks_t changed
quarks_t removed
reparented_t reparented


struct  Added
struct  Reparent

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