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pan::DataIO Struct Reference
[Backend Implementation]

#include <data-io.h>

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Detailed Description

Specifies the datafiles used by DataImpl. It's abstracted out so that unit tests can substitute in its own data. This private class should only be used by code in the data-impl module.

Definition at line 37 of file data-io.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void clear_group_headers (const Quark &group)
virtual std::string get_posting_name () const
virtual std::string get_scorefile_name () const
virtual std::string get_server_filename () const
virtual LineReaderread_file (const StringView &filename) const
virtual LineReaderread_group_descriptions () const
virtual LineReaderread_group_headers (const Quark &group) const
virtual LineReaderread_group_permissions () const
virtual LineReaderread_group_xovers () const
virtual LineReaderread_tasks () const
virtual void write_done (std::ostream *)
virtual std::ostream * write_file (const StringView &filename)
virtual std::ostream * write_group_descriptions ()
virtual std::ostream * write_group_headers (const Quark &group)
virtual std::ostream * write_group_permissions ()
virtual std::ostream * write_group_xovers ()
virtual std::ostream * write_server_properties ()
virtual std::ostream * write_tasks ()

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