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pan::TaskPane Class Reference

#include <task-pane.h>

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Detailed Description

Dialog for showing and manipulating Tasks in a Queue.

Definition at line 35 of file task-pane.h.

Public Member Functions

GtkWidget * root ()
 TaskPane (Queue &, Prefs &)

Private Types

typedef std::vector< Task * > task_list

Private Member Functions

task_list get_selected_tasks () const
virtual void on_queue_connection_count_changed (Queue &, int count)
virtual void on_queue_error (Queue &, const StringView &)
virtual void on_queue_online_changed (Queue &, bool online)
virtual void on_queue_size_changed (Queue &, int active, int total)
virtual void on_queue_task_active_changed (Queue &, Task &, bool active)
virtual void on_queue_task_moved (Queue &, Task &, int new_index, int old_index)
virtual void on_queue_task_removed (Queue &, Task &, int index)
virtual void on_queue_tasks_added (Queue &, int index, int count)
void update_status (const Queue::task_states_t &)

Static Private Member Functions

static void bottom_clicked_cb (GtkButton *, TaskPane *)
static void delete_clicked_cb (GtkButton *, TaskPane *)
static void down_clicked_cb (GtkButton *, TaskPane *)
static void get_selected_tasks_foreach (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreePath *, GtkTreeIter *, gpointer)
static void online_toggled_cb (GtkToggleButton *, Queue *)
static gboolean periodic_refresh (gpointer)
static gboolean periodic_refresh_foreach (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreePath *, GtkTreeIter *, gpointer)
static void restart_clicked_cb (GtkButton *, TaskPane *)
static void root_destroyed_cb (GtkObject, gpointer)
static void stop_clicked_cb (GtkButton *, TaskPane *)
static void top_clicked_cb (GtkButton *, TaskPane *)
static void up_clicked_cb (GtkButton *, TaskPane *)

Private Attributes

bool _dampen_move_feedback_loop
GtkWidget * _online_image
GtkWidget * _online_toggle
gulong _online_toggle_handler
GtkWidget * _root
GtkWidget * _status_label
GtkListStore * _store
guint _update_timeout_tag
GtkWidget * _view

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