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pan::Socket Class Reference

#include <socket.h>

Inheritance diagram for pan::Socket:

pan::GIOChannelSocket pan::ScriptedSocket

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Detailed Description

Defines primitive interactions with a remote server: Send command, read response, send command, read response.

Definition at line 36 of file socket.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void get_host (std::string &setme) const =0
double get_speed_KiBps () const
bool is_abort_set () const
virtual bool open (const StringView &address, int port, std::string &setme_err)=0
void reset_speed_counter ()
void set_abort_flag (bool b)
virtual void write_command (const StringView &chars, Listener *)=0
void write_command_va (Listener *, const char *fmt,...)

Protected Member Functions

void increment_xfer_byte_count (unsigned long byte_count)

Protected Attributes

bool _abort_flag
unsigned long _bytes_since_last_check
double _speed_KiBps
time_t _time_of_last_check


struct  Creator
struct  Listener

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