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pan::Parts Class Reference
[Backend Interfaces]

#include <parts.h>

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Detailed Description

Represents a collection of a multipart post's parts.

Parts are by far the biggest memory hog in large groups, so their layout has been tweaked to squeeze out extra bytes. This makes the code fairly inelegant, so the low-level bits have been encapsulated in this class.

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Definition at line 46 of file parts.h.

Public Types

typedef uint32_t bytes_t
typedef uint16_t mid_offset_t
typedef uint16_t number_t

Public Member Functions

bool add_part (number_t num, const StringView &mid, bytes_t bytes, const Quark &reference_mid)
const_iterator begin (const Quark &q) const
void clear ()
const_iterator end (const Quark &q) const
number_t get_found_part_count () const
bool get_part_info (number_t num, std::string &mid, bytes_t &bytes, const Quark &reference_mid) const
number_t get_total_part_count () const
Partsoperator= (const Parts &)
 Parts (const Parts &that)
void set_part_count (number_t num)
void set_parts (const PartBatch &parts)

Private Member Functions

void unpack_message_id (std::string &setme, const Part *p, const Quark &reference_mid) const

Private Attributes

number_t n_parts_found
number_t n_parts_total
char * part_mid_buf
bytes_t part_mid_buf_len
Part * parts


class  const_iterator
struct  Part

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