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pan::Data Member List

This is the complete list of members for pan::Data, including all inherited members.

_listeners (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [private]
add_groups(const Quark &servername, const NewGroup *new_groups, size_t new_group_count)=0pan::Data [pure virtual]
add_listener(Listener *l) (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data
add_new_server()=0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
add_profile(const std::string &profile_name, const Profile &profile)=0 (defined in pan::Profiles)pan::Profiles [pure virtual]
add_score(const StringView &section_wildmat, int score_value, bool score_assign_flag, int lifespan_days, bool all_items_must_be_true, const Scorefile::AddItem *items, size_t item_count, bool do_rescore)=0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
comment_out_scorefile_line(const StringView &filename, size_t begin_line, size_t end_line, bool do_rescore)=0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
Data() (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [inline, protected]
delete_articles(const unique_articles_t &)=0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
delete_profile(const std::string &profile_name)=0 (defined in pan::Profiles)pan::Profiles [pure virtual]
delete_server(const Quark &server)=0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
fire_group_counts(const Quark &, unsigned long unread, unsigned long total) (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [protected]
fire_group_read(const Quark &) (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [protected]
fire_group_subscribe(const Quark &, bool) (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [protected]
fire_grouplist_rebuilt() (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [protected]
get_article_references(const Quark &group, const Article *, std::string &setme) const =0 (defined in pan::ArticleReferences)pan::ArticleReferences [pure virtual]
get_article_scores(const Quark &group, const Article &, Scorefile::items_t &setme) const =0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
get_cache()=0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
get_cache() const =0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
get_group_counts(const Quark &group, unsigned long &setme_unread, unsigned long &setme_total) const =0pan::Data [pure virtual]
get_group_description(const Quark &group) const =0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
get_group_permission(const Quark &group) const =0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
get_other_groups(std::vector< Quark > &) const =0pan::Data [pure virtual]
get_profile(const std::string &profile_name, Profile &setme) const =0 (defined in pan::Profiles)pan::Profiles [pure virtual]
get_profile_names() const =0 (defined in pan::Profiles)pan::Profiles [pure virtual]
get_server_addr(const Quark &server, std::string &setme_address, int &setme_port) const =0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
get_server_address(const Quark &servername) const =0 (defined in pan::ServerInfo)pan::ServerInfo [pure virtual]
get_server_article_expiration_age(const Quark &server) const =0 (defined in pan::ServerInfo)pan::ServerInfo [pure virtual]
get_server_auth(const Quark &server, std::string &setme_username, std::string &setme_password) const =0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
get_server_limits(const Quark &server) const =0pan::Data [pure virtual]
get_server_rank(const Quark &server) const =0 (defined in pan::ServerRank)pan::ServerRank [pure virtual]
get_servers() const =0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
get_subscribed_groups(std::vector< Quark > &) const =0pan::Data [pure virtual]
get_xover_high(const Quark &group, const Quark &server) const =0pan::Data [pure virtual]
group_clear_articles(const Quark &group)=0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
group_get_articles(const Quark &group, const ShowType show_type=SHOW_ARTICLES, const FilterInfo *criteria=0) const =0pan::Data [pure virtual]
group_get_servers(const Quark &group, quarks_t &) const =0 (defined in pan::GroupServer)pan::GroupServer [pure virtual]
has_from_header(const StringView &from) const =0 (defined in pan::Profiles)pan::Profiles [pure virtual]
has_profiles() const =0 (defined in pan::Profiles)pan::Profiles [pure virtual]
is_read(const Article *a) const =0 (defined in pan::ArticleRead)pan::ArticleRead [pure virtual]
listeners_t typedef (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [private]
mark_group_read(const Quark &group)=0pan::Data [pure virtual]
mark_read(const Article &, bool read=true)=0 (defined in pan::ArticleRead)pan::ArticleRead [pure virtual]
mark_read(const Article **articles, unsigned long article_count, bool read=true)=0 (defined in pan::ArticleRead)pan::ArticleRead [pure virtual]
Profiles() (defined in pan::Profiles)pan::Profiles [inline, protected]
remove_listener(Listener *l) (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data
rescore()=0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
save_state()=0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
server_get_groups(const Quark &server, quarks_t &) const =0 (defined in pan::GroupServer)pan::GroupServer [pure virtual]
set_group_subscribed(const Quark &group, bool sub)=0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
set_server_addr(const Quark &server, const StringView &address, const int port)=0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
set_server_article_expiration_age(const Quark &server, int days)=0 (defined in pan::ServerInfo)pan::ServerInfo [pure virtual]
set_server_auth(const Quark &server, const StringView &username, const StringView &password)=0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
set_server_limits(const Quark &server, int max_connections)=0 (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [pure virtual]
set_server_rank(const Quark &server, int rank)=0 (defined in pan::ServerInfo)pan::ServerInfo [pure virtual]
set_xover_high(const Quark &group, const Quark &server, const unsigned long high)=0pan::Data [pure virtual]
set_xover_low(const Quark &group, const Quark &server, const unsigned long low)=0pan::Data [pure virtual]
SHOW_ARTICLES enum value (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data
SHOW_SUBTHREADS enum value (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data
SHOW_THREADS enum value (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data
ShowType enum name (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data
unique_articles_t typedef (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data
xover_add(const Quark &server, const Quark &group, const StringView &subject, const StringView &author, const time_t time, const StringView &message_id, const StringView &references, const unsigned long byte_count, const unsigned long line_count, const StringView &xref)=0pan::Data [pure virtual]
xover_ref(const Quark &group)=0pan::Data [pure virtual]
xover_unref(const Quark &group)=0pan::Data [pure virtual]
~ArticleRead() (defined in pan::ArticleRead)pan::ArticleRead [inline, virtual]
~ArticleReferences() (defined in pan::ArticleReferences)pan::ArticleReferences [inline, virtual]
~Data() (defined in pan::Data)pan::Data [inline, protected, virtual]
~GroupServer() (defined in pan::GroupServer)pan::GroupServer [inline, virtual]
~Profiles() (defined in pan::Profiles)pan::Profiles [inline, virtual]
~ServerInfo() (defined in pan::ServerInfo)pan::ServerInfo [inline, virtual]
~ServerRank() (defined in pan::ServerRank)pan::ServerRank [inline, virtual]

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