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pan::BodyPane Class Reference

#include <body-pane.h>

Inheritance diagram for pan::BodyPane:

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Body Pane in the main window of Pan's GUI.

Definition at line 38 of file body-pane.h.

Public Member Functions

 BodyPane (Data &, ArticleCache &, Prefs &)
void clear ()
GMimeMessage * create_followup_or_reply (bool is_reply)
GtkWidget * get_default_focus_widget ()
GMimeMessage * get_message ()
Quark get_message_id () const
bool read_less ()
bool read_more ()
GtkWidget * root ()
void rot13_selected_text ()
void select_all ()
void set_article (const Article &)
void set_character_encoding (const char *character_encoding)

Private Member Functions

void append_part (GMimeObject *, GtkAllocation *)
char * body_to_utf8 (GMimePart *)
void copy_url ()
gboolean mouse_button_pressed (GtkWidget *, GdkEventButton *)
virtual void on_prefs_color_changed (const StringView &key, const GdkColor &color)
virtual void on_prefs_flag_changed (const StringView &key, bool value)
virtual void on_prefs_int_changed (const StringView &key, int color)=0
virtual void on_prefs_int_changed (const StringView &key G_GNUC_UNUSED, int value G_GNUC_UNUSED)
virtual void on_prefs_string_changed (const StringView &key, const StringView &value)
void populate_popup (GtkTextView *, GtkMenu *)
bool read_more_or_less (bool more)
void refresh ()
void refresh_colors ()
void refresh_fonts ()
void refresh_scroll_visible_state ()
void set_text_from_message (GMimeMessage *)
void text_size_allocated_idle ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void copy_url_cb (GtkMenuItem *, gpointer)
static void expander_activated_cb (GtkExpander *, gpointer self)
static gboolean expander_activated_idle (gpointer self)
static void foreach_part_cb (GMimeObject *, gpointer self)
static gboolean mouse_button_pressed_cb (GtkWidget *, GdkEventButton *, gpointer)
static void populate_popup_cb (GtkTextView *, GtkMenu *, gpointer)
static void show_cb (GtkWidget *, gpointer)
static gboolean show_idle_cb (gpointer p)
static void text_size_allocated (GtkWidget *, GtkAllocation *, gpointer)
static gboolean text_size_allocated_idle_cb (gpointer p)

Private Attributes

Article _article
GtkTextBuffer * _buffer
std::string _charset
GtkWidget * _expander
GtkWidget * _headers
std::string _hover_url
bool _hscroll_visible
GMimeMessage * _message
GtkWidget * _root
GtkWidget * _scroll
GtkWidget * _terse
GtkWidget * _text
TextMassager _tm
GtkWidget * _verbose
bool _vscroll_visible
GtkWidget * _xface

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