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Public Member Functions

pan::ArticleRead Struct Reference
[Backend Interfaces]

#include <data.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool is_read (const Article *a) const =0
virtual void mark_read (const Article **articles, unsigned long article_count, bool read=true)=0
virtual void mark_read (const Article &, bool read=true)=0

Detailed Description

Data Interface class for querying and setting an articles' Read state.

Judging what's 'read' can be problematic if we're sharing a newsrc file with other newsreaders: if we have server A and B, and the user reads an article on server A with a different client, then A and B's newsrc will disagree on whether the article is read. Since the user _has_ read the article (on A with the other client), Pan considers the article read even though B doesn't know about it.

Also, a read article should change back to unread if it changes from an incomplete multipart to a complete multipart as new parts are added to it.

Definition at line 71 of file data.h.

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