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Classes | Functions



struct  ActionManager
struct  pan::ArticleTester
class  pan::BodyPane
class  pan::GroupPane
struct  pan::GUI
class  pan::HeaderPane
struct  pan::HIG
struct  pan::PanUI
class  pan::PostUI
class  pan::Prefs
class  pan::ProfileDialog
class  pan::ProfilesDialog
class  pan::ProgressView
struct  pan::ScoreAddDialog
class  pan::ScoreView
class  pan::TaskPane
struct  pan::TreeIterFunctor


GtkWidget * pan::log_dialog_new (Prefs &prefs, GtkWindow *parent)
G_BEGIN_DECLS GdkPixbuf * pan_gdk_pixbuf_create_from_x_face (GdkColormap *, GdkDrawable *, const char *)
GtkWidget * pan::server_edit_dialog_new (Data &, Queue &, GtkWindow *, const Quark &server)
GtkWidget * pan::server_list_dialog_new (Data &, Queue &, GtkWindow *)

Detailed Description

The graphical frontend of Pan.

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