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void DataImpl::xover_ref ( const Quark group ) [virtual]

The first call to xover_ref() for a group can indicate to Data to set up internal scaffolding it needs for the xover_add() calls that are about to come flooding in.

This is ref/unref rather than begin/end so that multiple connections can be used during an xref session.

See also:
xover_unref ()

Implements pan::Data.

Definition at line 167 of file xover.cc.

References pan::DataImpl::XOverEntry::_subject_lookup, pan::DataImpl::XOverEntry::refcount, and xover_get_workarea().

  // sanity clause
  pan_return_if_fail (!group.empty());

  // ref the articles
  ref_group (group);

  // ref the xover
  XOverEntry& workarea (xover_get_workarea (group));

  // populate the normalized lookup for multipart detection...
  GroupHeaders * h (get_group_headers (group));
  foreach_const (nodes_t, h->_nodes, it) {
    const Quark& mid (it->first);
    const Article * a (it->second->_article);
    if (a != 0)
      workarea._subject_lookup.insert (std::pair<Quark,Quark>(a->subject,mid));

Here is the call graph for this function:

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