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void DataImpl::MyTree::get_children ( const Quark mid,
articles_t &  setme 
) const [virtual]

if message_id is empty, the root nodes are returned.

Implements pan::Data::ArticleTree.

Definition at line 37 of file my-tree.cc.

  if (mid.empty()) // get the roots
    foreach_const (nodes_t, _nodes, it)
    if (it->second->_article && !it->second->_parent)
      setme.push_back (it->second->_article);
  else // get children of a particular article
    nodes_t::const_iterator parent_it (_nodes.find (mid));
    if (parent_it != _nodes.end()) {
      ArticleNode::children_t& kids (parent_it->second->_children);
      setme.reserve (kids.size());
      foreach_const (ArticleNode::children_t, kids, it)
        setme.push_back ((*it)->_article);

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