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pan::GUI Struct Reference

#include <gui.h>

Inheritance diagram for pan::GUI:

pan::PanUI ActionManager pan::Log::Listener pan::Progress::Listener pan::Queue::Listener

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Detailed Description

The main GUI object for Pan's GTK frontend

Definition at line 44 of file gui.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void activate_action (const char *action_name) const
virtual void disable_accelerators_when_focused (GtkWidget *entry) const
virtual void do_about_pan ()
virtual void do_add_similar_to_selection ()
virtual void do_add_subthreads_to_selection ()
virtual void do_add_threads_to_selection ()
virtual void do_bug_report ()
virtual void do_cancel_article ()
virtual void do_cancel_latest_task ()
virtual void do_clear_article_cache ()
virtual void do_clear_body_pane ()
virtual void do_clear_header_pane ()
virtual void do_clear_selected_groups ()
virtual void do_delete_article ()
virtual void do_download_headers ()
virtual void do_download_selected_article ()
virtual void do_followup_to ()
virtual void do_ignore ()
virtual void do_import_tasks ()
virtual void do_jump_to_body_tab ()
virtual void do_jump_to_group_tab ()
virtual void do_jump_to_header_tab ()
virtual void do_mark_article_read ()
virtual void do_mark_article_unread ()
virtual void do_mark_selected_groups_read ()
virtual void do_match_on_score_state (int)
virtual void do_match_only_binary_articles (bool)
virtual void do_match_only_cached_articles (bool)
virtual void do_match_only_my_articles (bool)
virtual void do_match_only_unread_articles (bool)
virtual void do_pan_web ()
virtual void do_plonk ()
virtual void do_post ()
virtual void do_print ()
virtual void do_prompt_for_charset ()
virtual void do_quit ()
virtual void do_read_less ()
virtual void do_read_more ()
virtual void do_read_next_article ()
virtual void do_read_next_group ()
virtual void do_read_next_thread ()
virtual void do_read_next_unread_article ()
virtual void do_read_next_unread_group ()
virtual void do_read_next_unread_thread ()
virtual void do_read_next_watched_article ()
virtual void do_read_parent_article ()
virtual void do_read_previous_article ()
virtual void do_read_previous_thread ()
virtual void do_read_selected_article ()
virtual void do_read_selected_group ()
virtual void do_refresh_groups ()
virtual void do_reply_to ()
virtual void do_rot13_selected_text ()
virtual void do_save_articles ()
virtual void do_save_articles_from_nzb ()
virtual void do_select_all_articles ()
virtual void do_select_article_body ()
virtual void do_shorten_group_names (bool)
virtual void do_show_body_pane (bool)
virtual void do_show_group_pane (bool)
virtual void do_show_group_preferences_dialog ()
virtual void do_show_header_pane (bool)
virtual void do_show_log_window ()
virtual void do_show_matches (const Data::ShowType)
virtual void do_show_new_score_dialog ()
virtual void do_show_preferences_dialog ()
virtual void do_show_profiles_dialog ()
virtual void do_show_score_dialog ()
virtual void do_show_selected_article_info ()
virtual void do_show_servers_dialog ()
virtual void do_show_task_window ()
virtual void do_show_toolbar (bool)
virtual void do_subscribe_selected_groups ()
virtual void do_supersede_article ()
virtual void do_tabbed_layout (bool)
virtual void do_tip_jar ()
virtual void do_unselect_all_articles ()
virtual void do_unsubscribe_selected_groups ()
virtual void do_watch ()
virtual void do_work_online (bool)
virtual void do_xover_selected_groups ()
virtual void do_xover_subscribed_groups ()
virtual GtkWidget * get_action_widget (const char *key) const
 GUI (Data &data, Queue &, ArticleCache &, Prefs &, GroupPrefs &)
virtual bool is_action_active (const char *action_name) const
virtual void on_prefs_color_changed (const StringView &key, const GdkColor &value)
virtual void on_prefs_flag_changed (const StringView &key, bool value)
virtual void on_prefs_int_changed (const StringView &key, int value)
virtual void on_prefs_string_changed (const StringView &key, const StringView &value)
GtkWidget * root ()
virtual void sensitize_action (const char *action_name, bool) const
virtual void toggle_action (const char *action_name, bool) const
virtual void watch_cursor_off ()
virtual void watch_cursor_on ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string prompt_user_for_save_path (GtkWindow *parent, const Prefs &prefs)

Private Member Functions

virtual void on_log_cleared ()
virtual void on_log_entry_added (const Log::Entry &e)
virtual void on_progress_error (Progress &, const StringView &)
virtual void on_progress_finished (Progress &, int status)
virtual void on_progress_pulse (Progress &)
virtual void on_progress_status (Progress &, const StringView &)
virtual void on_progress_step (Progress &, int percentage)
virtual void on_queue_connection_count_changed (Queue &, int count)
virtual void on_queue_error (Queue &, const StringView &message)
virtual void on_queue_online_changed (Queue &, bool online)
virtual void on_queue_size_changed (Queue &, int active, int total)
virtual void on_queue_task_active_changed (Queue &, Task &, bool active)
virtual void on_queue_task_moved (Queue &, Task &, int new_pos, int old_pos)
virtual void on_queue_task_removed (Queue &, Task &, int pos)
virtual void on_queue_tasks_added (Queue &, int index, int count)
void refresh_connection_label ()
void score_add (int)
void server_list_dialog_destroyed (GtkWidget *)
void set_charset (const StringView &v)
void set_queue_size_label (unsigned int running, unsigned int size)
void set_selected_thread_score (int score)
void upkeep ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void add_widget (GtkUIManager *, GtkWidget *, gpointer)
static void notebook_page_switched_cb (GtkNotebook *, GtkNotebookPage *, gint, gpointer)
static void server_list_dialog_destroyed_cb (GtkWidget *, gpointer)
static void show_event_log_cb (GtkWidget *, gpointer)
static void show_task_window_cb (GtkWidget *, gpointer)
static int upkeep_timer_cb (gpointer gui_g)

Private Attributes

std::list< Task * > _active_tasks
std::string _charset
GtkWidget * _connection_size_eventbox
GtkWidget * _connection_size_label
GtkWidget * _error_image
GtkWidget * _event_log_button
GroupPrefs & _group_prefs
GtkWidget * _info_image
GtkWidget * _menu_vbox
GtkWidget * _queue_size_button
GtkWidget * _queue_size_label
GtkWidget * _root
GtkWidget * _taskbar
GtkWidget * _toolbar
GtkTooltips * _ttips
GtkUIManager * _ui_manager
std::vector< ProgressView * > _views
GtkWidget * _workarea_bin
guint upkeep_tag


class Queue

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