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PanTreeStore::Row Struct Reference

#include <pan-tree.h>

Inherited by pan::HeaderPane::Row.

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Detailed Description

PanTreeStore saves rows in structs rather than arrays of GValues. This is for flexibility (the client can define the structs however they want) and for space efficiency sizeof(GValue) > sizeof(builtin).

It's the client's responsibility to call store->row_changed(row) when a row's contents change.

Subclasses must implement get_value(), typically with a switch(column) statement and various calls to set_value_X().

Definition at line 132 of file pan-tree.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void get_value (int column, GValue *setme)=0

Protected Member Functions

void set_value_int (GValue *setme, int)
void set_value_pointer (GValue *setme, gpointer)
void set_value_static_string (GValue *setme, const char *)
void set_value_string (GValue *setme, const char *)
void set_value_ulong (GValue *setme, unsigned long)

Private Member Functions

Rowget_last_descendant ()
int n_children () const
Rownth_child (int n)

Private Attributes

int child_index
rows_t children


class ClearWalker
class FreeRowWalker
class PanTreeStore
class ReparentWalker
class RowCompareByChildPos

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