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pan::ProgressView Class Reference

#include <progress-view.h>

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Detailed Description

GtkProgressBar representations of general::Progress objects.

These are used at the bottom of Pan's main window to show the status of running Task objects.

Definition at line 36 of file progress-view.h.

Public Member Functions

const Progressget_progress () const
Progressget_progress ()
GtkWidget * root ()
void set_progress (Progress *)

Private Member Functions

virtual void on_progress_error (Progress &, const StringView &)
virtual void on_progress_finished (Progress &, int status)
virtual void on_progress_pulse (Progress &)
virtual void on_progress_status (Progress &, const StringView &)
virtual void on_progress_step (Progress &, int percentage)
void update_percentage_soon ()
void update_text_soon ()

Static Private Member Functions

static gboolean on_progress_status_idle (gpointer)
static gboolean on_progress_step_idle (gpointer)

Private Attributes

std::string _last_status
guint _progress_status_idle_tag
guint _progress_step_idle_tag
GtkWidget * _progressbar
GtkWidget * _root

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