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void DataImpl::load_part ( const Quark g,
const Quark mid,
int  number,
const StringView part_mid,
unsigned long  lines,
unsigned long  bytes 
) [private]

the contents of `part' are given up wholesale to our local GroupHeaders. As a side-effect, the value of `part' after this call is undefined. This is an ugly interface, but it's fast and only called by one client.

Definition at line 380 of file headers.cc.

References pan::Article::add_part(), and pan::Article::lines.

Referenced by xover_add().

   GroupHeaders * h = get_group_headers (group);
   Article * a (h->find_article (mid));
   pan_return_if_fail (a != 0);

   if (a->add_part (number, part_mid, bytes))
     a->lines += lines;

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