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void TaskPost::on_nntp_done ( NNTP nntp,
Health  health,
const StringView response 
) [private, virtual]

Called at the end of an NNTP command. If the command was one that produced a list, on_nntp_line() may have been called before this.

When this is called, the listener can safely clean up anything associated with processing the command.

health returns OK, ERR_NETWORK, or ERR_SERVER. ERR_LOCAL is never used here.

Reimplemented from pan::NNTP::Listener.

Definition at line 65 of file task-post.cc.

References pan::ERR_NETWORK, pan::Task::State::set_completed(), pan::Task::State::set_health(), and pan::Task::State::set_need_nntp().

  _state.set_health (health);

  if (health == ERR_NETWORK)
    _state.set_need_nntp (_server);
  else {
    _state.set_completed ();
    set_error (response);
    set_finished (health);

  check_in (nntp, health);

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