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void PostUI::body_view_realized_cb ( GtkWidget *  w,
gpointer  self_gpointer 
) [static, private]

We hold off on setting the body textbuffer until after the text view is realized so that GtkTreeView's text wrapping will work properly.

Definition at line 1551 of file post-ui.cc.

  PostUI * self = static_cast<PostUI*>(self_gpointer);
  self->set_message (self->_message);
  self->_unchanged_body = self->get_body ();
  self->set_wrap_mode (self->_prefs.get_flag ("compose-wrap-enabled", true));

  if (self->_prefs.get_flag ("always-run-editor", false))
    self->spawn_editor ();

  g_signal_handler_disconnect (self->_body_view, self->body_view_realized_handler);

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