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void pan::Data::ArticleTree::fire_diffs ( const Diffs d  )  const [inline, protected]

the quirky way of incrementing 'it' is to prevent it from being invalidated if on_tree_change() calls remove_listener()

Definition at line 436 of file data.h.

References pan::Data::ArticleTree::Diffs::added, pan::Data::ArticleTree::Diffs::changed, pan::Data::ArticleTree::Diffs::removed, and pan::Data::ArticleTree::Diffs::reparented.

            if (!d.added.empty() || !d.removed.empty() || !d.reparented.empty() || !d.changed.empty()) {
              listeners_t::iterator it, e;
              for (it=_listeners.begin(), e=_listeners.end(); it!=e; )
                (*it++)->on_tree_change (d);

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