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PanTreeStore Struct Reference

#include <pan-tree.h>

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Detailed Description

PanTreeStore is a GtkTreeModel implementation with a primary goal of fast, memory-efficient handling of very large and/or flat trees. It has no Pan dependencies and can be reused by copying pan-tree.{h,cc}.

Enhancements, as compared to GtkTreeStore:

1. Rows are constructed by the client, then passed into the tree. This helps lower memory use by having a single Row structure rather than an array of GValues. On an x86 architecture, sizeof(int)==4 and sizeof(GValue)==20. (Plus we avoid GtkTreeStore's extra hit of using linked lists to join the cells in a row,

2. Population before insertion is also much faster because there are no extra calls to tree_store_set_value(), no GObject type checking, no extra GtkTreePaths built for row-changed, and most importantly, no row-changed signals emitted at all.

3. Rows can be inserted in batches, which reduces some overhead of redundant per-call GObject type checking and GtkTreePath creation. for the row-inserted signal handlers.

4. Rows can be inserted into the tree sorted so that there's no separate sorting step.

5. GtkTreePath creation is practically free compared with GtkTreeStore: each child knows its child index to be used in the tree path. GtkTreeStore holds a list of children which must be walked in order to find the child's index, which is expensive on large/flat trees.

6. Entire subtrees can be reparented in a single call.


_ Sorting is not triggered when a row changes. When you're done with a batch of changes, call sort() manually.

_ Would have a better chance of being used outside of Pan if it had a C API.

Definition at line 90 of file pan-tree.h.

Public Types

typedef std::map< Row *, rows_t > parent_to_children_t
typedef std::vector< Row * > rows_t

Public Member Functions

void append (Row *parent, Row *child)
void append (Row *parent, const rows_t &children)
void clear ()
size_t get_depth (const Row *row) const
GtkTreeIter get_iter (const Row *)
void get_iter (const Row *, GtkTreeIter *setme)
bool get_parent (GtkTreeIter *setme_parent, GtkTreeIter *child)
GtkTreePath * get_path (const Row *row) const
GtkTreePath * get_path (GtkTreeIter *iter)
const Rowget_row (const GtkTreeIter *iter) const
Rowget_row (GtkTreeIter *iter)
void get_sort_column_id (int &column, GtkSortType &type) const
void insert (Row *parent, const rows_t &children, int pos)
void insert_sorted (Row *parent, const rows_t &children)
void insert_sorted (const parent_to_children_t &)
bool is_in_tree (Row *row) const
bool is_root (const GtkTreeIter *it) const
bool is_sorted () const
void pause_sorting ()
void postfix_walk (WalkFunctor &walk_functor, GtkTreeIter *top=0, bool need_path=false)
void prefix_walk (WalkFunctor &walk_functor, GtkTreeIter *top=0, bool need_path=false)
void remove (const rows_t &rows)
void reparent (const parent_to_children_t &parents_to_children)
void reparent (Row *parent_or_null_for_root, Row *child, int pos=INT_MAX)
void resume_sorting ()
void row_changed (Row *row)
void row_changed (GtkTreeIter *iter)
void set_row_dispose (RowDispose *r)
void walk (WalkFunctor &walk, bool need_path=false)

Static Public Member Functions

static GType get_type ()
static PanTreeStorenew_tree (int n_cols,...)

Public Attributes

GObject parent

Private Types

enum  { SORT, FLIP }
typedef std::map< int, SortInfocolumn_sort_info_t

Private Member Functions

void remove (const rows_t &rows, bool delete_rows)
void remove_siblings (const rows_t &siblings, bool delete_rows)
void renumber_children (Row *parent, int child_lo=0, int child_hi=INT_MAX)
void set_iter (GtkTreeIter *, const Row *)
void sort (int mode=SORT)
void sort_children (SortInfo &, Row *parent, bool recurse, int mode)
void walk (int walk_mode, WalkFunctor &walker, GtkTreeIter *top, bool need_path)
bool walk_helper (int walk_mode, Row *top_row, GtkTreePath *top_path_or_null, WalkFunctor &walk_functor)

Static Private Member Functions

static void invalidate_iter (GtkTreeIter *)
static GType model_get_column_type (GtkTreeModel *, int)
static GtkTreeModelFlags model_get_flags (GtkTreeModel *)
static gboolean model_get_iter (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *, GtkTreePath *)
static gint model_get_n_columns (GtkTreeModel *)
static GtkTreePath * model_get_path (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *)
static void model_get_value (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *, gint, GValue *)
static gboolean model_iter_children (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *, GtkTreeIter *)
static gboolean model_iter_has_child (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *)
static gint model_iter_n_children (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *)
static gboolean model_iter_next (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *)
static gboolean model_iter_nth_child (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *, GtkTreeIter *, gint)
static gboolean model_iter_parent (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *, GtkTreeIter *)
static void pan_tree_class_init (PanTreeStoreClass *)
static void pan_tree_dispose (GObject *)
static void pan_tree_finalize (GObject *)
static void pan_tree_init (PanTreeStore *)
static void pan_tree_model_init (GtkTreeModelIface *)
static void pan_tree_sortable_init (GtkTreeSortableIface *)
static int row_compare_func (gconstpointer, gconstpointer, gpointer)
static gboolean sortable_get_sort_column_id (GtkTreeSortable *, gint *, GtkSortType *)
static gboolean sortable_has_default_sort_func (GtkTreeSortable *)
static gboolean sortable_has_sort_func (GtkTreeSortable *, gint)
static void sortable_set_default_sort_func (GtkTreeSortable *, GtkTreeIterCompareFunc, gpointer, GtkDestroyNotify)
static void sortable_set_sort_column_id (GtkTreeSortable *, gint, GtkSortType)
static void sortable_set_sort_func (GtkTreeSortable *, gint, GtkTreeIterCompareFunc, gpointer, GtkDestroyNotify)

Private Attributes

std::vector< GType > * column_types
int n_columns
GtkSortType order
RowDispose * row_dispose
int sort_column_id
int sort_paused
int stamp


struct  ClearWalker
struct  FreeRowWalker
struct  ReparentWalker
struct  Row
struct  RowCompareByChildPos
struct  RowCompareByColumn
struct  RowCompareByDepth
struct  RowDispose
struct  SortData
struct  SortInfo
struct  SortRowInfo
struct  WalkFunctor

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