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void TaskXOver::on_nntp_done ( NNTP nntp,
Health  health,
const StringView response 
) [private, virtual]

Called at the end of an NNTP command. If the command was one that produced a list, on_nntp_line() may have been called before this.

When this is called, the listener can safely clean up anything associated with processing the command.

health if OK, the command was successful. if RETRY, the command couldn't be processed now but might be successful later -- perhaps there was a bad connection. if FAIL, there's no point in retrying -- perhaps the article has expired.

Reimplemented from pan::NNTP::Listener.

Definition at line 330 of file task-xover.cc.

References pan::OK.

  //std::cerr << LINE_ID << " nntp " << nntp->_server << " (" << nntp << ") done; checking in.  health==" << health << std::endl;
  update_work (true);
  check_in (nntp, health==OK);

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