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pan::ScoreView Class Reference

#include <score-view-ui.h>

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Detailed Description

Dialog that shows what Scorefile entries apply to a given Article.

Definition at line 37 of file score-view-ui.h.

Public Member Functions

GtkWidget * root ()
 ScoreView (Data &data, GtkWindow *parent, const Quark &group, const Article &article)

Private Types

typedef Scorefile::items_t items_t

Private Member Functions

void on_add ()
void on_remove ()
void tree_view_refresh ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void add_clicked_cb (GtkWidget *, gpointer)
static void add_destroy_cb (GtkObject *, gpointer)
static void remove_clicked_cb (GtkWidget *, gpointer)

Private Attributes

const Article _article
const Quark _group
items_t _items
GtkWidget * _root
GtkListStore * _store
GtkWidget * tree_view

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