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pan::NNTP Class Reference

#include <nntp.h>

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Detailed Description

Asynchronously processes NNTP protocol commands.

Definition at line 36 of file nntp.h.

Public Member Functions

void article (const Quark &group, const char *message_id, Listener *l)
void article (const Quark &group, unsigned long article_number, Listener *l)
void cancel (const Quark &message_id, Listener *l)
void goodbye (Listener *l)
void group (const Quark &group, Listener *l)
void handshake (Listener *l)
void list (Listener *l)
void list_newsgroups (Listener *l)
 NNTP (const Quark &server, const std::string &username, const std::string &password, Socket *socket)
void noop (Listener *l)
void post (const StringView &message, Listener *l)
void xover (const Quark &group, unsigned long low, unsigned long high, Listener *l)

Public Attributes

Quark _group
Quark _request_group
const Quark _server
bool _socket_error

Protected Types

typedef std::deque< std::string > strings_t

Protected Member Functions

void fire_done_func (Health, const StringView &response)
void write_next_command ()

Protected Attributes

strings_t _commands
bool _nntp_response_text
const std::string _password
std::string _post
std::string _previous_command
const std::string _username

Private Member Functions

virtual void on_socket_abort (Socket *)
virtual void on_socket_error (Socket *)
virtual bool on_socket_response (Socket *, const StringView &line)


struct  Listener
struct  Source

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