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virtual const Article* pan::Data::xover_add ( const Quark server,
const Quark group,
const StringView subject,
const StringView author,
const StringView time,
const StringView message_id,
const StringView references,
const unsigned long  byte_count,
const unsigned long  line_count,
const StringView xref 
) [pure virtual]

A new header to add to a group. This must be called inside an xover_ref() / xover_unref() block.

If a new article was created -- as opposed to a new part being added to an existing article -- then a pointer to the new article is returned.

FIXME: this return value is kind of odd, and is just there to suit task-xover's needs.

Implemented in pan::DataImpl.

Referenced by pan::TaskXOver::on_nntp_line().

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