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pan::Data::ArticleTree Class Reference

#include <data.h>

Inherited by pan::DataImpl::MyTree.

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Detailed Description

A snapshot of Group's header info. Trees should be deleted by the client when no longer needed.

Article pointers retrieved from this struct are invalidated by deleting the Tree.

Definition at line 339 of file data.h.

Public Types

typedef std::vector< const
Article * > 

Public Member Functions

virtual void add_listener (Listener *l)
virtual const Articleget_article (const Quark &mid) const =0
virtual void get_children (const Quark &mid, articles_t &setme) const =0
virtual const Articleget_parent (const Quark &mid) const =0
virtual void remove_listener (Listener *l)
virtual void set_filter (const ShowType show_type=SHOW_ARTICLES, const FilterInfo *filter_or_null_to_reset=0)=0
virtual size_t size () const =0

Protected Member Functions

void fire_diffs (const Diffs &diffs) const

Private Types

typedef std::set< Listener * > listeners_t

Private Attributes

listeners_t _listeners


struct  Diffs
struct  Listener

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