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pan::Queue::Listener Struct Reference

#include <queue.h>

Inheritance diagram for pan::Queue::Listener:

pan::GUI pan::HeaderPane pan::TaskPane

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Detailed Description

Interface class for objects that listen to a Queue's events

Definition at line 129 of file queue.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void on_queue_connection_count_changed (Queue &, int count)=0
virtual void on_queue_error (Queue &, const StringView &message)=0
virtual void on_queue_online_changed (Queue &, bool online)=0
virtual void on_queue_size_changed (Queue &, int active, int total)=0
virtual void on_queue_task_active_changed (Queue &, Task &, bool active)=0
virtual void on_queue_task_moved (Queue &, Task &, int new_index, int old_index)=0
virtual void on_queue_task_removed (Queue &, Task &, int index)=0
virtual void on_queue_tasks_added (Queue &, int index, int count)=0

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