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pan::DataImpl::ReadGroup Struct Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Represents a newsgroup that's been read.

Since most groups are never read, the `read' fields are separated out into this structure, so that it can be instantiated on demand. Since most news servers have tens of thousands of newsgroups, this represents a big memory savings.

This private class should only be used by code in the data-impl module.

Definition at line 191 of file data-impl.h.

Public Types

typedef Loki::AssocVector
< Quark, Server

Public Member Functions

void decrement_count (unsigned long dec)
void decrement_unread (unsigned long dec)
const Serverfind_server (const Quark &s) const
Serverfind_server (const Quark &s)
Serveroperator[] (const Quark &s)

Static Public Member Functions

static void decrement_safe (unsigned long &lhs, unsigned long dec)

Public Attributes

unsigned long _article_count
servers_t _servers
unsigned long _unread_count


struct  Server

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