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pan::TaskXOver Class Reference

#include <task-xover.h>

Inheritance diagram for pan::TaskXOver:

pan::Task pan::NNTP::Listener pan::Progress

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Task for downloading a some or all of a newsgroups' headers

Definition at line 36 of file task-xover.h.

Public Types

enum  Mode { ALL, NEW, SAMPLE, DAYS }

Public Member Functions

void add_listener (Listener *)
void add_steps (int steps)
virtual std::string describe () const
virtual unsigned long get_bytes_remaining () const
int get_progress_of_100 () const
const Stateget_state () const
std::string get_status () const
const Quarkget_type () const
void give_nntp (NNTP::Source *, NNTP *nntp)
void increment_step (int increment=1)
void init_steps (int steps)
void pulse ()
void remove_listener (Listener *)
void set_error (const StringView &error)
void set_finished (int status)
void set_status (const StringView &status)
void set_status_va (const char *fmt,...)
void set_step (int step)
 TaskXOver (Data &data, const Quark &group, Mode mode=ALL, int sample_size=1000)

Protected Member Functions

void check_in (NNTP *, bool is_ok)
int get_nntp_count () const
virtual void use_nntp (NNTP *nntp)

Protected Attributes

bool _active
std::string _description
int _done
std::vector< std::string > _errors
State _state
std::string _status_text
int _step
int _steps

Private Types

typedef std::deque< MiniTask > MiniTasks_t
typedef std::map< Quark,
unsigned long > 
typedef std::map< Quark,
MiniTasks_t > 

Private Member Functions

virtual void on_nntp_done (NNTP *, Health, const StringView &)
virtual void on_nntp_group (NNTP *, const Quark &, unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long)
virtual void on_nntp_line (NNTP *, const StringView &)
void update_work (bool subtract_one_from_nntp_count=false)

Private Attributes

unsigned long _articles_so_far
unsigned long _bytes_so_far
time_t _days_cutoff
const Quark _group
bool _group_xover_is_reffed
server_to_high_t _high
std::map< NNTP *, int > _last_xover_number
Mode _mode
unsigned long _parts_so_far
int _sample_size
server_to_minitasks_t _server_to_minitasks
std::set< Quark_servers_that_got_xover_minitasks
std::string _short_group_name
unsigned long _total_minitasks


struct  MiniTask

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