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pan::Task Class Reference

#include <task.h>

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pan::Progress pan::TaskArticle pan::TaskGroups pan::TaskPost pan::TaskXOver

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Detailed Description

Base class for jobs that require NNTP interaction to be completed. These wait their turn in the queue until an NNTP connection is available.

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Definition at line 40 of file task.h.

Public Types


Public Member Functions

void add_listener (Listener *)
void add_steps (int steps)
virtual std::string describe () const
virtual unsigned long get_bytes_remaining () const =0
int get_progress_of_100 () const
const Stateget_state () const
std::string get_status () const
const Quarkget_type () const
void give_nntp (NNTP::Source *, NNTP *nntp)
void increment_step (int increment=1)
void init_steps (int steps)
void pulse ()
void remove_listener (Listener *)
void set_error (const StringView &error)
void set_finished (int status)
void set_status (const StringView &status)
void set_status_va (const char *fmt,...)
void set_step (int step)
 Task (const Quark &type, const StringView &description)

Protected Member Functions

void check_in (NNTP *, bool is_ok)
int get_nntp_count () const
virtual void use_nntp (NNTP *)=0

Protected Attributes

bool _active
std::string _description
int _done
std::vector< std::string > _errors
State _state
std::string _status_text
int _step
int _steps

Private Types

typedef Loki::AssocVector
< NNTP *, NNTP::Source * > 

Private Attributes

nntp_to_source_t _nntp_to_source
const Quark _type


struct  State

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