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pan::Queue Class Reference

#include <queue.h>

Inheritance diagram for pan::Queue:

pan::NNTP::Source pan::NNTP_Pool::Listener pan::AdaptableSet< X, StrictWeakOrdering >::Listener

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Detailed Description

Queues up tasks to be processed by NNTP objects as news server connections become available.

Definition at line 57 of file queue.h.

Public Types

enum  AddMode { AGE, TOP, BOTTOM }
typedef std::vector< Task * > tasks_t

Public Member Functions

void add_listener (Listener *l)
void add_task (Task *, AddMode=AGE)
void add_tasks (const tasks_t &, AddMode=AGE)
virtual void check_in (NNTP *, bool is_ok)
bool contains (const Quark &message_id) const
void get_all_task_states (task_states_t &setme)
void get_connection_counts (int &setme_active, int &setme_idle, int &setme_connecting) const
void get_full_connection_counts (std::vector< ServerConnectionCounts > &setme) const
double get_speed_KiBps () const
void get_task_counts (int &active, int &total)
void get_task_speed_KiBps (const Task *, double &setme_KiBps, int &setme_connections) const
bool is_online () const
void move_bottom (const tasks_t &)
void move_down (const tasks_t &)
void move_top (const tasks_t &)
void move_up (const tasks_t &)
const Taskoperator[] (size_t i) const
Taskoperator[] (size_t i)
 Queue (ServerInfo &, TaskArchive &, Socket::Creator *, bool online)
void remove_latest_task ()
void remove_listener (Listener *l)
void remove_task (Task *)
void remove_tasks (const tasks_t &)
void restart_tasks (const tasks_t &)
void set_online (bool online)
void stop_tasks (const tasks_t &)
void upkeep ()

Protected Types

typedef std::map< NNTP *, Task * > nntp_to_task_t

Protected Member Functions

bool find_best_server (const Task::State::unique_servers_t &servers, Quark &setme)
Taskfind_first_task_needing_server (const Quark &server)
virtual void fire_task_moved (Task *&, int index, int old_index)
virtual void fire_task_removed (Task *&, int index)
virtual void fire_tasks_added (int index, int count)
void give_task_a_connection (Task *, NNTP *)
void process_task (Task *)
bool task_is_active (const Task *) const

Protected Attributes

bool _is_online
nntp_to_task_t _nntp_to_task
std::set< Task * > _removing
std::set< Task * > _stopped

Private Types

typedef std::set< Listener * > listeners_t
typedef listeners_t::iterator lit
typedef Loki::AssocVector
< Quark, NNTP_Pool * > 
typedef AdaptableSet< Task
*, TaskWeakOrdering

Private Member Functions

void fire_connection_count_changed (int count)
void fire_if_counts_have_changed ()
void fire_online_changed (bool online)
void fire_queue_error (const StringView &message)
void fire_size_changed (int active, int total)
void fire_task_active_changed (Task *, bool)
NNTP_Poolget_pool (const Quark &server)
virtual void on_pool_error (const Quark &server, const StringView &message)
virtual void on_pool_has_nntp_available (const Quark &server)
virtual void on_set_item_moved (AdaptableSet &, X &, int index, int old_index)=0
virtual void on_set_item_moved (TaskSet &, Task *&, int index, int old_index)
virtual void on_set_item_removed (AdaptableSet &, X &, int index)=0
virtual void on_set_item_removed (TaskSet &, Task *&, int index)
virtual void on_set_items_added (AdaptableSet &, items_t &, int index)=0
virtual void on_set_items_added (TaskSet &, TaskSet::items_t &, int index)
void request_connections (const quarks_t &servers)

Private Attributes

time_t _last_time_saved
listeners_t _listeners
quarks_t _mids
bool _needs_saving
pools_t _pools
TaskSet _tasks


struct  Listener
struct  ServerConnectionCounts
struct  task_states_t

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