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pan::HeaderPane Class Reference

#include <header-pane.h>

Inheritance diagram for pan::HeaderPane:

pan::Data::Listener pan::Data::ArticleTree::Listener pan::Queue::Listener pan::ArticleCache::Listener

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Header Pane in the main window of Pan's GUI.

Definition at line 67 of file header-pane.h.

Public Member Functions

GtkWidget * create_filter_entry ()
void expand_selected ()
void filter (const std::string &text, int mode)
const Articleget_first_selected_article () const
std::set< const Article * > get_full_selection () const
std::vector< const Article * > get_full_selection_v () const
const Quarkget_group ()
std::set< const Article * > get_nested_selection () const
 HeaderPane (ActionManager &, Data &data, Queue &, ArticleCache &, Prefs &)
void read_next_article ()
void read_next_thread ()
void read_next_unread_article ()
void read_next_unread_thread ()
void read_parent_article ()
void read_previous_article ()
void read_previous_thread ()
void refilter ()
GtkWidget * root ()
void select_all ()
void select_similar ()
void select_subthreads ()
void select_threads ()
void set_focus ()
bool set_group (const Quark &group)
void set_show_type (const Data::ShowType)
void unselect_all ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void do_popup_menu (GtkWidget *, GdkEventButton *, gpointer)
static gboolean on_button_pressed (GtkWidget *, GdkEventButton *, gpointer)
static void on_row_activated (GtkTreeView *, GtkTreePath *, GtkTreeViewColumn *, gpointer)

Public Attributes


Private Types

enum  {
typedef sorted_vector< Row
*, true, RowLessThan > 

Private Member Functions

void action_next_if (const ArticleTester &test, RowActionFunctor &action)
void add_children_to_model (PanTreeStore *store, PanTreeStore::Row *parent_row, const Quark &parent_mid, const Data::ArticleTree *atree, const EvolutionDateMaker &date_maker, const bool do_thread)
PanTreeStorebuild_model (const Quark &, Data::ArticleTree *, const TextMatch *)
void build_tree_columns ()
Row * create_row (const EvolutionDateMaker &, const Article *)
int find_highest_followup_score (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *) const
void find_next_iterator_from (GtkTreeModel *model, GtkTreeIter *start_pos, const TreeIterFunctor &iterate_func, const ArticleTester &test_func, RowActionFunctor &success_func, bool test_the_start_pos)
void get_nested_foreach (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreePath *, GtkTreeIter *, gpointer) const
Row * get_row (const Quark &message_id)
void next_iterator (GtkTreeView *view, GtkTreeModel *model, const TreeIterFunctor &iterate_func, const ArticleTester &test_func, RowActionFunctor &success_func)
virtual void on_cache_added (const Quark &mid)
virtual void on_cache_removed (const quarks_t &mids)
virtual void on_group_counts (const Quark &group, unsigned long unread, unsigned long total)
virtual void on_group_read (const Quark &group)
virtual void on_group_subscribe (const Quark &group, bool sub)
virtual void on_grouplist_rebuilt ()
virtual void on_prefs_color_changed (const StringView &, const GdkColor &)
virtual void on_prefs_flag_changed (const StringView &, bool)
virtual void on_prefs_int_changed (const StringView &, int)
virtual void on_prefs_string_changed (const StringView &, const StringView &)
virtual void on_queue_connection_count_changed (Queue &, int count)
virtual void on_queue_error (Queue &, const StringView &message)
virtual void on_queue_online_changed (Queue &, bool online)
virtual void on_queue_size_changed (Queue &, int active, int total)
virtual void on_queue_task_active_changed (Queue &, Task &, bool active)
virtual void on_queue_task_moved (Queue &, Task &, int new_index, int old_index)
virtual void on_queue_task_removed (Queue &, Task &, int index)
virtual void on_queue_tasks_added (Queue &, int index, int count)
virtual void on_tree_change (const Data::ArticleTree::Diffs &)
void read_next_if (const ArticleTester &)
void read_prev_if (const ArticleTester &)
void rebuild ()
void rebuild_all_article_states ()
void rebuild_article_action (const Quark &message_id)
void rebuild_article_state (const Quark &message_id)
void rebuild_filter (const std::string &, int)
void refresh_font ()
typedef void RenderFunc (GtkTreeViewColumn *, GtkCellRenderer *, GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *, gpointer)
void walk_and_collect (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *, std::set< const Article * > &) const

Static Private Member Functions

static int column_compare_func (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *, GtkTreeIter *, gpointer)
static const Articleget_article (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreeIter *)
static void get_nested_foreach_static (GtkTreeModel *, GtkTreePath *, GtkTreeIter *, gpointer)

Private Attributes

FilterInfo _filter
Quark _group
mid_to_row_t _mid_to_row
GtkWidget * _root
Data::ShowType _show_type
GtkWidget * _tree_view

Static Private Attributes

static RenderFunc render_action
static RenderFunc render_bytes
static RenderFunc render_score
static RenderFunc render_state
static RenderFunc render_subject


struct  CountUnread
class  Row
struct  RowLessThan
struct  SelectFirstArticle
struct  SimilarWalk

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